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Stand With The Waorani Tribe and Keep Oil In The Ground

   By Zach Kratzsch | August 13, 2019 | Stand With The Waorani Tribe and Keep Oil In The Ground

       Underneath the Amazon rain forest rests huge deposits of oil. Currently there is a feud going on between oil drillers and the local tribes of the Amazon to stop the oil drillers from continuing into the forest. This oil drilling is not only displacing local amazon tribes but it is also detrimental to the forest and the earth as whole. Oil has paved the way for our society to become what it is but we are at the point where we must begin converting to alternate more eco friendly energy sources now that we have the technology to start implementing them instead of continuing to hurt our earth for the sake of profits. The choice the Waorani ask us to decide is water or oil? Profits won't mean anything if pollution becomes to heavy for life to continue.

Hear it from the Woarani themselves. 

#WaoraniResistance: Bringing the Forest to the Courtroom from Amazon Frontlines on Vimeo.


People are gathering together to help save the Waorani Tribe by pitching in to the Amazon Frontlines, an organization backed by Leonardo Dicaprio to preserve the rainforest and provide help to the Waorani tribe and other local tribes of the rainforest. The best way to make an impact is to donate to the causes you believe in and by raising awareness of the problems to help find solutions. Oil drilling is not the only issue they are fighting. The Amazon Frontlines is an amazing organization that stands for the preservation of the earth by protecting the Amazon from many of the dangers of the 21st century including oil drilling, gold mining, illegal logging, large scale agriculture,  colonization, and the invasion of consumer society into remote regions across the Amazon. 

 We may not be able to convert our society into more eco friendly energy solutions over night but we must not give up on the fight for the earth and all its inhabitants,

Please join me in signing the petition to help save the Woarani tribe and help raise awareness of the Amazon rainforest and protecting the Earth as a whole. 


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Thank you for helping create a brighter place. - The Stupid American 


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