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The Stupid American (Zach Kratzsch) featured on Golden Deer Productions The Best Podcast In Boston

This year was the first year The Stupid American stepped out of his comfort zone and was featured on this  insane podcast and the conversations ended up covering all kinds of topics everything from how I got summons to court for a skit I did on IG live as well as how I started my journey into social media and creating my own hemp apparel line. It felt great to be featured on GoldendeerProductions  one of the Best Podcasts in Boston. The podcasts are run by Conor Holway a great guy otherwise known as BigBoachie on instagram.

I actually came across  GoldenDeerProductions on instagram while searching for local creatives to work with.  Conor ended up being one of my greatest links to start my new push into more collaborative videos in 2019 as he introduced me to a lot of  local creatives.  Without Conor a lot of the new collaborations you have been seeing me do might not have came about, at least not as soon as they did so i cant thank Golden Deer Productions enough for invigorating my creative growth over these past few months by introducing me to so many insanely creative people trying to do the same its been great talking with Conor and i look forward to much more Collaborations in the future. 

Check out the Podcast episode #65 and #86 i did on the youtube videos below  or listen to them on Itunes, spotify or any other platform. 

In Episode 55 Of Golden Deer Productions we went into a range of topics from getting the cops sent to my house over an ig live skit, how my school district wanted me to get medicated and basically forced me to drop out of high school or take medications i disagreed with, and some more talk about memes whales and extra terrestrials check it out below 

 If you just want to listen you can check it out on other platforms  as well 

Itunes Golden Deer Productions Episode 65

 Soundcloud Golden Deer Productions Episode 65 :  

Spotify Golden Deer Productions episode 65


In Episode 86 of Golden Deer Productions podcasts  I talk more about the beginning phase of my brand i then called  Duhmerican Apparel and didn't even consolidate my brand to Hemp clothing until just after, i have chosen to  simplify   the brand name to Stupid Apparel. In this episode I also talk about my plans to open up a new creative space in downtown Plymouth with my good pal Kyle @kpstockford. I Understand it is hard to keep up with the ever changing world of The Stupid American but check out this episode to learn more about it. 


   If you just want to listen you can check it out on other platforms  as well, 

Itunes Golden Deer Productions Episode 86

Soundcloud Golden Deer Productions episode 86

Spotify Golden Deer Productions Episode 86

Thanks for having me The Stupid American on Golden Deer Productions The Best Podcast in Boston run by the great guy himself Connor Holway and his talented team of creatives. You definitely have to check out more from Golden Deer Productions If you're interested in seeing all the other creative minds that they have interviewed! Be sure to Visit their site  by clicking the link or visiting in your browser.

 Also check out Golden Deer Productions on social media:

Instagram: Golden Deer productions

Youtube: Golden Deer Productions

All  Episodes Recorded LIVE from the Best Studio in Boston, Phoenix Down Recording. IG: @phxdownstudios, run by  @johnscottengineer Book Ya Session Right Here 

Stay tuned to more news on The Stupid American and the Site by following us on all our socials located at the bottom of the site. 


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