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Why we need to save the USPS

Sign the petition to the senate to save the usps 

Aclu post office

Many Americans don’t realize that it was the Post Office that pioneered parcel post in 1916 in response to the overpriced, poor, and inconsistent service disaster that was private package delivery. Or that the USPS came up with the concept of overnight mail and zip codes that UPS and FedEx rely on so heavily in their business. It has helped americans move up to middle class and afford houses. Check this article written in 2011 on why we need the usps and it still holds true to this. 


despite all that usps does for the general public some people are arguing that privatized post is the way to go. In rural areas fedex will hand off their packages to usps because they dont deliver to them. How will rural americans recieve their stimulus checks or other aid in case of emergency? There are many reasons why the post office exists and it is not designed to made for profit rhats why its The united states postal service and its meant to be paid for with our taxes.  

this started as a petition on but its now moved to the aclu and is on its way ti congress if you sign this. Click the image At the top of the page  to sign.  


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