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How Real Americans Are Taking Back This Election

True Americans may just have won back the election as it comes down to counting the last 4 states. As we all have been biting our fingernails watching this election, despite many of us thinking Biden’s not the greatest option we could have, many of us have come to the sensible conclusion that Biden will do way less damage to our future than trump has and would continue to if he wins this second election. Although it will be tough to repair many of the mistakes trump has made it seems the true Americans are taking back America from the clutches of an aspiring dictator. As it comes down to just a few states who are uncomfortably neck and neck, Arizona being one of them. Right now Democratic voters in Arizona have...

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Plastic Could Outweigh Fish in the Ocean by 2050

View this post on Instagram Meet Lucy Hughes! 😊❤️ . This has the chance to change everything! . Lucy Hughes looked at the bloody waste from a fish processing plant and saw opportunity. . Then a student in product design at the University of Sussex, Hughes was interested in making use of things people normally throw away. So she arranged to visit a fish processing plant near her university, on England’s southern coast. . She came away a bit smelly—“I had to wash even my shoes,” she says—but inspired. After tinkering with various fish parts, she developed a plastic-like material made from scales and skin. Not only is it made from waste, it’s also biodegradable. The material, MarinaTex, won Hughes...

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