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Why we need to save the USPS

Sign the petition to the senate to save the usps  Many Americans don’t realize that it was the Post Office that pioneered parcel post in 1916 in response to the overpriced, poor, and inconsistent service disaster that was private package delivery. Or that the USPS came up with the concept of overnight mail and zip codes that UPS and FedEx rely on so heavily in their business. It has helped americans move up to middle class and afford houses. Check this article written in 2011 on why we need the usps and it still holds true to this.    despite all that usps does for the general public some people are arguing that privatized post is the way to go. In...

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Why We Need To Unite To Stop The Earn It Act

 CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION  Sadly some string pullers in government are using the COVID-19 distraction to pass a bill that will basically strip our rights online. With everything going on right now in the world it is more important now than it ever has been for us to unite and this could stop us from spreading true information and they could eventually start limiting the content we can see online similar to how china has limited internet access. Please See the link above to find out more and check out our Stupid Blog for more info. 

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Stand With The Waorani Tribe and Keep Oil In The Ground

Oil has paved the way for our society to become what it is but we are at the point where we must begin converting to alternate more eco friendly  energy sources now that we have the technology to start implementing them instead of continuing to hurt our earth for the sake of profits that won't mean anything if the pollution becomes to heavy for life to continue.

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The Stupid American (Zach Kratzsch) featured on Golden Deer Productions The Best Podcast In Boston

This year was the first year The Stupid American stepped out of his comfort zone and was featured on this  insane podcast and the conversations ended up covering all kinds of topics everything from how I got summons to court for a skit I did on IG live as well as how I started my journey into social media and creating my own hemp apparel line. It felt great to be featured on GoldendeerProductions  one of the Best Podcasts in Boston. The podcasts are run by Conor Holway a great guy otherwise known as BigBoachie on instagram. I actually came across  GoldenDeerProductions on instagram while searching for local creatives to work with.  Conor ended up being one of my greatest links to start my new...

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