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How To Make Seed Sprout Tea with Alfalfa! SST Done Easy and Why to Avoid PGRs

Sprouted teas are a great way to give your plans a natural boost and they are basically a natural alternative to pgrs which artificially hype up buds to make them seem danker than they are, but once smoked produce a more chemically feeling high but less potent in all the things we want from the plant. seeds themselves contain a booatoad of nutrients to get an early plant started but when sprouted theres a lot of enzymes released that promote growth so using a seed sprout tea for your plants is almost like giving them a shot of human growth hormones, but plant growth hormones and naturally made ones unlike most plant growth regulators on the synthetic market. Theres no need...

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How To Start A Super Soil to Grow Top Shelf Organic Cannabis

This Blog goes over all that i use to build my super soil from scratch, and a little info on the beginning stages of  how i then turn it into living soil. more on the living soil and  how i convert to no till  can be found in my youtube videos and another blog coming soon. in this I'll also include my exact super soil recipe with a break down of each ingredient so you can find alternate options more locally available to you to create your own contaminant free organic compost.  Super soil is a nutrient rich compost designed to pack a bit more of a punch than your average premixed soil, some companies sell decent premade super soils as well but i  prefer...

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Organnabis Grow Links Discounts and Seeds!

ORGANNABIS GROW LINKS Welcome to My Social Link Page, here you will find a link to all my different socials as well as discounts and links to all the products i use! Simply click the photos to be brought to the according links! Thank you for supporting my Organnabis Grow! DISCLAIMER: Organic growing techniques! educational purposes only! Nothing you see on organnabisgrow is for sale it is only for my own consumption. FIRST Subscribe on Youtube  🙏  I also put all my videos into a written version! Check out my new...  Start your own super soil👇 Support The Page Although fully legal in the state of Massachusetts due to federal regulations my youtube isn’t monetizable if i show my plants, which is most...

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