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Welcome to My Social Link Page, here you will find a link to all my different socials as well as discounts and links to all the products i use!
Simply click the photos to be brought to the according links! Thank you for supporting my Organnabis Grow!
Organic growing techniques! educational purposes only! Nothing you see on organnabisgrow is for sale it is only for my own consumption.

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Although fully legal in the state of Massachusetts due to federal regulations my youtube isn’t monetizable if i show my plants, which is most of the videos. 
I believe Knowledge should be free so i offer everything I know at no cost. I appreciate your support on Patreon to help me keep this channel going! 🙏

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Supplies & Equipment 

Need 🍁🌱 seeds?

I get mine from some of the top breeders here 👇🔥
Organnabisgrow heritage seed bank affiliate link
(some older grows also had seeds from the companys below but i suggest going for the more well known breeders to get the freshest and rarest genetics available rather than the companies below. However they still have a large selection and offer cheeper seeds if youre just looking to start experimenting as i did when i started so i'll still include them on this page. 
   Seedsman seeds Organnabis Affiliate link
use code: 20AS-999620
for 10% off your order from seedsman 🔥 
ILoveGrowingMarijuana organnabis Affiliate link

All The Lights I Use 

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at Checkout Use My Discount Code too save some money!: Organnabis 



Bestva Led

6% off At Checkout Use My DiscountCode: Organnabis 


(I also use the Electric sky ES300 in my bigger grow tent but I'm not Affiliated with them)


All The Grow Equipment I Use

Click the tent below for an amazon list of all the other grow equipment you may have seen in my garden!  


Going to a festival?
please be safe!

Eztest kits festival safety



Whats is The Future of Organnabis Grow?

As you know nothing produced in my tents is for sale as of now, but i soon will begin some breeding projects I've been waiting years to carry out and begin providing high end small batch feminized seeds produced in a completely organic environment using only the best organic methods possible. I also make Organic cotton and hemp apparel under my brand Stupid Apparel, thats actually the website you're on right now. This is just a small section i made for my organnabis grow. If you browse the site you will find many different designs with many more to come soon, the best part is they are not only produced humanely and  sustainably but a percent of every sale gives back to a different cause related to each design.  


Disclaimer: these are affiliate links for companies that support my channel.  i earn a small commission from purchases from these links but i use these brands on my own anyway. 


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