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Natural Filtration : Bio Top Systems

(image via Natural Swimming Pools: Step by Step How to Build Guide 06-29-17 Beverly Woods https://freshpatio.com/natural-swimming-pools/) The most commonly referred to form of a BioTop is in manmade natural pools and lagoons. By replicating natural systems into a pool design you can use sunlight and biological process to keep the water source clean and balanced just as they would be in an ideal environment in nature. Natural pools using these bio top methods pools can run with little to no maintenance and without the use of harmful chemicals.   Bio top systems can also be used to filter the discharged grey water or "Effluent" that is inevitable in the production of textiles to break it down as well as bringing it to a safe ph level before it...

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If You Knew Where Your Favorite Shirt Came From Would You Have Still Bought It?

The source of most of our daily products is commonly overlooked. This draws the question, if you knew where your favorite shirt came from would you still have bought it?   We believe Sustainability should be built into the core of any acceptable brand especially a newly emerging one. This is why it has become one of our top priorities  to be aware of where our products are sourced and the processes in which they are made in order to help to create a brighter future for both our customers and our partners. First off we believe sweatshops and child labor are inhumane and allow the gap in wealth to widen its divide. Take a look at this horrific image seen  below of a  sweatshop in Bangladesh...

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