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Aid to Australia Wombats

This is a brief post to help send donnations to the Humane society international of Australia. Please donate what you can apparently 


(We just put this up to help send donations this blog will be added to with more information later tonight)

Apparently wombats are allowing neighboring animals to take shelter in their fire resistant burrows and even help guide animals towards their safety, what a true hero. If wombats can do this much we have to be able help, anything you can will help.

We will also be launching a line of clothing under our eco friendly hemp based Stupid Apparel line supporting Australia where over 25% of profits will go to disaster relief. We want to be at the forefront of helping create a brighter place and that is why every design we make goes to charity related to it. 

Thank you for 

Thank you for reading this article it shows you really care about the Earth and the people of the future if you made it this far. 

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Thank you for helping create a brighter place. - The Stupid American

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