Natural Filtration : Bio Top Systems

(image via Natural Swimming Pools: Step by Step How to Build Guide  Beverly Woods

The most commonly referred to form of a BioTop is in manmade natural pools and lagoons. By replicating natural systems into a pool design you can use sunlight and biological process to keep the water source clean and balanced just as they would be in an ideal environment in nature. Natural pools using these bio top methods pools can run with little to no maintenance and without the use of harmful chemicals.  

Bio top systems can also be used to filter the discharged grey water or "Effluent" that is inevitable in the production of textiles to break it down as well as bringing it to a safe ph level before it is reintroduced to the ecosystem. 

By implementing bio top systems on a large scale to filter the effluent from their facilities our partners have greatly reduced the negative impact that traditional textiles have made to the environment. Our partners have created systems such as the one seen below consisting of interconnected lagoons that break down the water based inks before returning the water back into nature. As the effluent filters from lagoon to lagoon, sunlight, gravity and different forms of bacteria work together to naturally break down and filter the waste water so that by the end of a 30 day process the water is safe to be reintroduced to the proper waterways. Biotop wastewater treatment processes have yielded excellent results while maintaining a diverse ecosystem beside production facilities.

( image via: How Its Made: Sustainability/Biotop System

We are always looking for new ways to lessen our impact on the environment and that is why we will continue to set the best precedent and stay at the forefront of technology as well as  environmentally friendly practices to create a brighter future for all to come.


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