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Natural Filtration : Bio Top Systems

(image courtesy of Natural Swimming Pools: Step by Step How to Build Guide  Beverly Woods


Above you can see a great example of a small bio top system. This manmade natural pool designed using nothing but an air pump to airate the water along with natural biological systems keep the pool  clean and safe to swim in while remaining a  perfect ph balance. Manmade natural pools and lagoons are the most referred to form of a BioTop. What many dont know is that you can use sunlight and biological processes to  replicate natural systems into a pool design that keeps the water source clean and balanced just as they would be in an ideal environment in nature. Natural pools can run with little to no maintenance and allow us to avoid harmful use of industrial chemicals that would otherwise be drained into the environment.


The real beauty in Bio top systems is they can also be used to filter the discharged gray water or "Effluent" that is inevitable in textile production to break it down the waste materiel while also regulating the ph level before it is reintroduced into the ecosystem. The partners we work with have dramatically reduced their negative impact on the environment by implementing bio top systems on a large scale to filter the effluent from the production facilities. Our partners have developed systems such as the one below consisting of interconnected lagoons that break down their water - based inks before returning back to nature.

As the mixture sloshes from basin to basin, sunlight, gravity and various forms of bacteria work together to break down the waste water naturally so that it can be reintroduced safely into the proper waterways at the end of a 30-day process. The introduction of these biotop systems have produced excellent results while maintaiing a diverse ecosystem alongside facilities used in production of our products. 



( image courtesy of : How Its Made: Sustainability/Biotop System

It is up to us as consumers to choose what kind of world we want to live in because the things we buy pave the roads of the future. This overwhelming fact is why we did the research to be confident that our products are made sustainably. We are constantly searching for new ways to lessen our impact on the environment and we will never stop as long as we exist. We will continue to work with and search for partners who set  the precedent in the industry. We will seek out to work with only those at the forefront of environmentally friendly technologies and practices in order to create a brighter future for all to come. 

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