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Bring Back The Endangered Species Act

 By Zach Kratzsch | October 8th 2019 | Bring Back The Endangered Species Act  



  A lot of people argue Even if we did nothing the earth would still be here but the point is will we be able to live on it?   

I cant even believe the words I'm typing from my keyboard but we have to act fast to make sure the endangered species act is reinstated. 

Between ten thousand and one hundred thousand species go extinct every year. 

the planet has faced many extinctions over its history however The rapid loss of species we are seeing today is estimated by experts to be between 1,000 and 10,000 times higher than the natural extinction rate according to an article and theres only so much loss it can take before the ecosystem could collapse. 

 The changes to the U.S. endangered species act comes just weeks after the united nation reported in a study that climate change and human activity are accelertating the extinction of over 1 milion species in the foreseeable future, a list that will eventually include ourselves


Even if we are going into a galactic summer, such as the  mayan calander  suggests, or whether it is fully in our control or not this next part of the mayan cycle also suggest an awakening period of human consciousness. Even if we can not completely stop the rising of temperatures we can lessen the human actions that multiply it as well as doing what we can not to pollute the water and air with too much plastic and waste pollution that ecosystems become unlivable. 

It finally  seems many people are beginning to see that our actions and abuse to the planet and its resources are also accelerating the Earths warming even more than it would be naturally. We have to plead for big corporations to start becoming kore aware of “disposable“ items they create to make sure they are actually disposable and we must change many of our other common ways such as poor farming practices killing the soil and creating dead zones where there’s not enough oxygen for life to well, live. 

{Studys show that the majority of oxygen and photosynthesis actually goes on underwater in the vast phytoplankton colonies in the ocean. Some scientists say that we could even lose all our forests and the oceans would make it unnoticeable since the majority of the world oxygen is actually made by phytoplankton in the ocean and not plants on land. however large scale cattle farming and other animal farms as well as gmo farming with pesticides and chemical fertilizers are disrupting life in the oceans beyond what many people realize. There are spots in the ocean known as Dead Zones one of the largest one being in the gulf and caused by the collection of these nutrients and fertilizers which strike an uncontrollable algea bloom that then dies and the preocesses of it breaking down suck up all the oxygen in the water leaving so little oxygen that fish and nearly nothing can grow. These deadzones and other mal practices could also lead to the pollution of the ocean beyond repair so we must not face the problems on land with such ignorance because the problems on land are already affecting the ocean and will only to continue to do so if we do not change our ways.} 

(Excerpt From Another  Stupid Blog:  Why A Global Climate Strike is Necessary )


Whether we like it or not our actions are shortening the time given to species to adapt to such changes. if  we do not start to do something now to protect ourselves and the rest of animals it will lead the largest global extinction this planet has ever and will ever see. 


 Ways you can help make a positive impact include using reusable grocery bags, including produce bags or at least use ones made from biodegradable material. invest in  nice water filter for your home, get a reusable water mugs and carry it around with you instead of plastic water bottles. Start only wearing organic materials like our Stupid Apparel line such as hemp cotton, wool, or other natural fiber based fabrics. sAnd if you haven't already make sure you click the Picture at the top of this page to sign the petition to congress to bring back the  Endangered animals act. 

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Thank you for helping create a brighter place. - The Stupid American

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