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Why Indias Farmers are Protesting and how To Help Them

Indian farmers bring park their tractors blocking streets to new delhi

There is a bit of confusion surrounding the protests in India, even Rihanna has been criticized being called “irresponsible” for her tweets in support for the

Rihanna faces criticism for standing up for indian farmers

The problem is that the local government passed three new farm bills to the benefit of corporations and the demise of local

Farmers in India at protest outside new delhi

U( indian farmers pictured above outside New Delhi) 


The bills were passed without choice of the public undemocratically. The bills will dismantle the “mandi” system that local indian farmers have grown to love.

The new bills will allow corporations to hoard produce and control prices while middling the farmers out of their main way of life. If these are enacted The farmers would be forced to sign poorly balanced contracts with the corporations and There are no legal pathways to defend themselves from bad contracts. 

Protesters were not only haulted outside New Delhi but met with excessive violence as well as jailing of journalists, farmers activists and even innocent bystanders. the local government tried to blame local extremist groups on the protests to justify their excessive force and to discredit the

Indian farmers hold sign “we are farmers not terrorists”


other problems with India is that they have the most internet shutdowns of any country, as theyre citizens have been attempting to share these issues the government is shutting down the internet so they cant get their message out so its up to us to spread it. And this isnt the first time theyve done this. And  their access to all the information on the internet is even more limited than other countries. Anytime someone speaks out against the leaders of india, the governement gaslights innocent citizens as terrorists and extremists and basically labeling free speech as an act of violence. 

not only have these people been silenced but the local gov’t is going to extremes to keep the farmers at bay, from possibly shooting at tractors and killing protestors to definitely putting up barbed wire fencing around New delhi as shown in the image below. 

Barbed wire outside new delhi to keep out farmers protest


So what can we do to help?

Start by signing this petition on Change .Org to help bring justice to Indian farmers.

And please Share the petition and or this article to spread awareness of this issue. 


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