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Importance of Wolves in the Eco System | Why We Need to Save The Wolves

 By Zach Kratzsch | July 1, 2021 | Importance of Wolves in the Eco System | Why We Need to Save The Wolves

On July 1st, Idaho will begin an all-out assault against wolves. Their goal: to slaughter up to 90% of their wolf population. After that, Montana will do the same. This genocide may be the beginning of the end of wolves in the lower 48 states in America - unless we all work together to take action TODAY! Share this information with your followers and sign the petition by clicking the image below 

Sign the petition to Save the wolves on



sign the petition to restore federal protections for wolves before it’s too late and any more innocent animals are brutally killed!

Wolves are a vital part of the ecosystem, they remove sick and weak animals from the population and allow the healthiest ones to thrive and pass on their genes driving evolution, without them the food pyramid could crumble, and sick and weak animals could pass their sicknesses to the rest of the herd. The leftovers of their meals also help feed a huge population of other animals and also plants from the nutrients left that break back down into the dirt. Kind of like how whales play a vital role in the ocean to other creatures survival, key predators play a similar role in the forests.  There are many reasons why wolves are more important than most people think. 


Please join us in making this a better world for animals by using your social media platform to spread awareness about this URGENT issue, share this post with your followers and tag people, celebrities, influencers and new media who need to see this and share it too because animals deserve SO MUCH BETTER! Thanks for sharing @apexprotectionproject l



  • Amy Rinaldi

    Please save the wolves 🐺

  • Maria Harries

    Here in the UK we are watching with utter disgust at these plans….you are meant to show the world ecological awareness and this is not it. Killing so many animlas that are a vital.part of the eco system is unforgivable, and their suffering barbaric and unnecessary.

  • Michelle Ungerkoop

    Wolves are vital to our ecosystem!! Please stop this!!!

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