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Why Hemp was illegal in the US

 By Zach Kratzsch (The Stupid American)| June 30, 2019 | Why Hemp was Illegal in the US   Many people don't know Hemp was federally legal in the US until 1937 and up until the early 1900's it was widely used and respected for its versatility durability and rapid rate of growth. George Washington himself is quoted saying "Make the most of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere". Many of the founding fathers had vast hemp farms and the constitution itself was written on Hemp paper. it wasn't  until the early 1900's that Hemp started to become looked down upon by an onslaught of racist propaganda against mexican immigrants which associated crimes  committed by a select group of people with...

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Who Made Your Clothes?

The source of most of our daily products is commonly overlooked. This draws the question, If You Knew Where Your Favorite Shirt Came From Would You Have Still Bought It?   I believe sustainability  should be built into the core of every brand especially a newly emerging one. My desire to make a difference  is why it has become one of my  top priorities for myself and my customers to be aware of where our products are sourced and the processes in which they are made.  I believe it is important to be conscious of where the things we buy come from because where we choose to spend our money is what paves the roads of the future. I think if we improve how we treat all of...

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