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The Science of Paying it Forward

I've grown up in a rough spot but was always intrigued by the idea of Paying it Forward ever since i heard the phrase in a movie i watched as a kid. If you  research examples in real life you'll find stories such as customers at food chains paying for the person behind them and starting a 226 person chain reaction of paying for those in line behind them. The basic idea behind Paying it forward and what studies have shown time and time again is that happiness and good deeds can cascade like a domino effect. Just by being nice to a random stranger you can potentially cause them to feel grateful and may go out of their way when they normally wouldn't have to help someone else and then that person they helped could potentially help someone else which could lead to an exponential growth of kindness. This idea of one person being able to make such a big difference is why i set out to create my store Duhmerican Apparel and one of the many ways we make sure to Pay It Forward is by giving back to a fund that i myself have had to take advantage of as a kid. Every 50$ made on my site provides 10 meals to which provides meals to those in need via food pantries and other programs such as emergency assistance during natural disasters to help families from all walks of life get back on their feet. It is up to us as consumers to choose what kind of future our money fuels and that is why this is just one of the many ways i set out to create a brighter future, here is a screen shot of our first donation where we provided 50 meals to! first donation to Feeding America

 Thank you all for helping us make the world a brighter place, follow us on instagram to see more updates on our future donations and check out our StupidBlog to learn about more about how we give back.

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