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The Stupid American's Best Memes and Posts on Instagram of 2016

The Top Memes And Videos That KickStarted TheStupidAmerican 's  Journey On Instagram 

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Where It All Started 

I was actually probably one of the last of my friends to download instagram maybe thats why i orignally called myself The Stupid American and i started out making some pretty crappy content but its always been me. I make everything i watermark myself from editing the videos and making my first photoshop edits and memes that year. i edit and create all my own content and so when i repost others i am sure to give credit as i know what its like to feel discredited. 

The first video i filmed that went big on my page of two seals that came aboard a boat i was on to rest before sunset. This has been narrowed down to becoming the first post you can see on my page however ill admit it wasnt my first ever post.


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Summer is coming soon i hope my seals are still waiting for me! I had tried to get one to swim in the boat all summer and wasnt till november just when we were about to head in these guys maybe girls hopped on our boat so we decided to stick around and hang for a bit to let them fluff out in the last few hours of sunlight, one was slightly injured on his left flipper could have been hiding from great whites in the area or just tired and hurt himself digging for clams, but they came up and sniffed my legs like a dog would and didnt bite so i think we're friends now follow me @thestupidamerican ! I used to be #underagevisionary but now ive changed my name to fit my satirical approach ✌️ thanks to all who been with me and cheers to new follows 🔥 #nature#wildlife#wild#refuge#savior#refugee#bluefin#fish#2015#mammals#animals#water#dog#dogstagram#atlantic#Atlanticocean

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The next video to go big on my page was when me and some friends went road tripping to Miami and on the way we picked up a stray cat at a Waffle house that apparently had been sitting outside there everyday for months so i got him or her some tuna before continuing our voyage which the cat didnt seem to want to leave behind his waffle house.



i didnt make this and im not sure who did but i think this would be a great change 


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Id support this 👌 (@thebigpygmy)

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Back on sea we came across a dead whale carcass that was being ripped apart by a multitude of sharks, including a few decent sized great white sharks off the coast of the cape near stellwagon bank. when we got in between one of the white sharks and his meal they werent happy and seemed to try to come and bite our engines luckily my captain revved away just in time and i didnt falll off the roof while i was recording it all



on a better note i learned how to speak bird from a small cape may warbler that landed on board my boat in exchange for some flies i had killed earlier that day, don't ask how i got so many flies just focus on the bird 😅 



i then made a post about an observation i made about a split end under a microscope, 


everyone may not agree but @theladbible went on to repost it on twitter and which i saw about a year later so im not even sure if they did on insta but at least someone agrees 

My next post wasn't even that big but it was a glimpse at one of my biggest failures, we made this sand table without paying attention to the tide lines and just when we finished it we watched it collapse, i may have to dig up the photos of us standing on it as it got devoured too but i never posted



 Next at bat i asked Charlie the fisherman what his secret tuna fishing bait was and im sorry what we for the stuffed dory doll that was harmed in the making of this film 



Here you have one of my first photo shops, i didnt have a computer then though so this was made with my phone using adobe mobile apps.



This is an image i just found but the caption is all me, but i really wish i had one of these as a kid


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Tag your ride or die😂👇 #duhmerica #sike

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so the second time a cape may warbler landed on the boat while i was there it was truly incredible, especially how i fully domesticated the lil critter with some steak some noodles and some water, at first i noticed him cleaning off the noodles before he ate them so then i replaced his water and cleaned the mac and cheese noodles off myself then when i got home i looked it up and found iut they these little guys are actually lactose intolerant, good thing he was smart enough to wash it off on his own we seriously underestimate animals!



Heres a funny picture i found with a caption i made because i wanted to teach the importance of recycling, especially when on a budget.



my stance on cigarettes is you are free to do your thing just dont blow it in my face



Im not sure what anyboy sees in me ever hahah but i appreciate you all if you made i this far



Thank you for checking this out and stay tuned for the next years issue and many more posts to come! This was only the beginning im giving it my all to make 2019 my best year yet!

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