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Why A global Climate and Pollution strike is Necessary

   By Zach Kratzsch | September 23, 2019 | Why A Global pollution and  Climate Strike Is Necessary 

Amazon rainforest fire

That is all it should take for action to happen. Join me in the global Climate and Pollution Strike

Some Scientists predict we are only 5% away from the tipping point before the rain forest's ecosystem begins to collapse beyond repair.

You may have seen some posts about it online that finally hit the main stream once people started demanding action, but the main stream news seems to have forgotten about it and a lot of people aren’t giving any solutions to actually help the problem. Many people are just brushing it off as an annual occurrence and saying  that the forest will recover as it has before from small fires, however that is not the case. Here are the facts; this isn't just a small annual fire that the rainforest is somewhat used to, or just even one fire. It's a collective of over 74,000 fires.  That's 85% more than all of the fires in the Amazon last year, many of which are started by humans.  So as our fellow man has set these fires, it is up to us to do what we can to stop them and to preserve whats left as well as leaving the lands untouched as possible to have a chance at recovery.



AND join the global #ClimateStrike today.

ALSO click here to Donate to The Waorani Tribe and other local people doing everything they can to protect their lands to keep oil in the ground and preserve is left of the rainforest. 



 keep reading if you want to know more about why these fires have been allowed and why it is so important to stop them. 


These fires are frameworked around the clearing of forests for cattle farmers and the local governments have been allowing them to set fires to clear a portion of fields annually to sustain their cattles grazing land from being encroached upon. Although people have set small fires every year this year the Brazilian president Juarez has encouraged more fires than ever before. Along side the fact that oil companies are trying to kick out the local tribes so that they can begin drilling in the amazon it seems these fires have been allowed to persist for more than just cattle fields. Although cattle field are a big polluter themselves, we wont get into that here. 

If I hear one more person say who cares it wont happen in my lifetime I'm going to freak out! How stubborn can you be? Look outside, this is our lifetime and stuff is  happening if we don't start making changes now it might be too late because we are at the tipping point. We must stand for the rainforest, the earth, and for the local people that are doing what they can to protect their ancestral lands and way of life. Lets not do to the these natives what we have done to the other natives that once inhabited all of North America. The local governments are also trying to kick out the local tribes so that oil companies can begin drilling underneath the rainforest essentially wiping out the earths lungs to suffocate it with more greed. People argue we need oil to continue our way of living, but we are at the point in technology that there are alternatives that work but their methods aren't being adopted on wide scales mainly because they are being suppressed by large oil industries trying to protect their investments. Well its time for them to ditch the oil and start investing in sustainable energy. We can not afford to allow greed to overtake the preservation of ourselves and all life after us. 

 What we can do to help is protect what we have left and start adopting more sustainable practices on a daily basis which i will be posting more blogs about in the the very near future because it is time now to take action. Scientists predict there is only 5% left of the Rainforest before it is beyond repair.  If too much of the rainforest burns it loses its sustainability because the sheer mass of plants and the evaporation coming off their leaves is what fuels the endless cycle of rains so if we allow too much of it to burn the cycle will not be able to sustain itself and thr earth could lose the entire amazon rain forest.  If we interfere too much the cycle ends and takes away the ability of one to ever flourish again. 

Luckily with the consious push we have been able bring the attention to the U.N with through these petitions on you can check out and sign the U.N.  petition above.

As of August 30th, The U.N. has officially confirmed in a statement that the rainforest is approaching the point of no return. if we do not act to do something now we will lose the rainforest completely and all the animals and species some of which still undiscovered will all perish. it is hard for me to even be talking about these things and to think some people are ignorant of these issues and act as if it doesnt effect them but the truth is by the time it does effect their daily lives and they realize, it will already be too late. We must not ignore problems throughout the world because we are all in this together. That is why my brand is focused on giving back with every design and making sure we leave a positive impact with every shirt made from the people making it to the materials being used. it is up to us to make a change.


dead zone in the gulf

Studys show that the majority of oxygen and photosynthesis actually goes on underwater in the vast phytoplankton colonies in the ocean. Some scientists say that we could even lose all our forests and the oceans would make it unnoticeable since the majority of the world oxygen is actually made by phytoplankton in the ocean and not plants on land. however large scale cattle farming and other animal farms as well as gmo farming with pesticides and chemical fertilizers are disrupting life in the oceans beyond what many people realize. There are spots in the ocean known as Dead Zones one of the largest one being in the gulf and caused by the collection of these nutrients and fertilizers which strike an uncontrollable algea bloom that then dies and the preocesses of it breaking down suck up all the oxygen in the water leaving so little oxygen that fish and nearly nothing can grow. These deadzones and other mal practices could also lead to the pollution of the ocean beyond repair so we must not face the problems on land with such ignorance because the problems on land are already affecting the ocean and will only to continue to do so if we do not change our ways. 

Some countries have organized massive tree-planting campaigns. This week around the United states and around the world a  global climate strike is currently being held from september 20th to the 28th, on the 20th peaceful protestors rose together at local town halls and official buildings to raise awareness and demand action from our governments to do all we can to help the earth because it is the home of us all that is at stake.  Last month, Ethiopia claimed a record of 350m seedlings planted in ome day. China  has promised to plant an area the size of Ireland every year. The Indian state of Punjab has introduced a scheme to link gun licenses to tree planting. Scientists say that forests are necessary to stabilizing the climate since large forests act as carbon sinks and filters of our world and they do more than we even fully understand yet.  Although we can plant trees the protection and restoration of existing forests to preserve their biodiversity  is essential to the planets future particularly in the tropics if we lose these forests the world will never be the same because as we talked about earlier large forests sucha s the amazon transpire and create their own clouds and weather and that is what continues their cycle of rejuvenation  so if it gets too far the forest may never be able to regrow. These programs and ideas are a start of something massive znd is up to us to spread awareness of the importance of preservation as well as rejuvination so that we can create a brighter future for us all. 


you can find them at the top of this blog and please donate something if you have it because when it comes to saving the planet cost is not a relevant issue. 

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Please share this info and knowledge with your friends and family so we can make sure to give this our all for the sake of the mother nature and all her children's future. 

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Thank you for helping create a brighter place. - The Stupid American 



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