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Who Made Your Clothes?

The source of most of our daily products is commonly overlooked. This draws the question,

If You Knew Where Your Favorite Shirt Came From Would You Have Still Bought It?


I believe sustainability  should be built into the core of every brand especially a newly emerging one. My desire to make a difference  is why it has become one of my  top priorities for myself and my customers to be aware of where our products are sourced and the processes in which they are made.  I believe it is important to be conscious of where the things we buy come from because where we choose to spend our money is what paves the roads of the future. I think if we improve how we treat all of those involved in the making of a product we can help to create a brighter future for both our partners and our customers.

First off we believe sweatshops and child labor are inhumane and allow the gap in wealth to widen its divide by condemming children to look at textiles as their only hope. Take a look at this horrific image seen  below of a  sweatshop in Bangladesh that is indulging in child labor and cramped, unsafe working conditions.

(pictured above is an unregulated sweatshop operating in bangladesh via


Due to the heavy work loads at many factories like this one, children are forced to eat sleep and shower within unsanitary factories. Children growing up with inadequate health care, and no access to an education of their choice  these children are  being robbed of their innocence and seemingly destined to never be able to achieve anything more.


Some would say that sweatshops are the only way for some people to survive and that its actually a good opportunity for some “3rd world countries”. Even if that is the case i am confident that we can do better than that. I believe by upping our standards as consumers, we can force companies to provide better conditions and fair wages for their workers which could enable the generation after them the time and access to outlets that will help them break out of this poverty cycle. and into better opportunities. How can we as a society stand by and allow our products to be manufactured in such a way knowing the detrimental effects they cause?

( Pictured above you can witness child laborers showering in a factory in Bangladesh image courtesy of

 We Vow To Be Sweatshop Free!

We source our products from partners who provide a safe and stimulating  workplace for more than 48,000 people around the world in facilities  where child labor is not accepted.One of our goals is to provide everybody involved  in the production of our creations with a positive working environment, and to give our customers a peace of mind. 

In all the countries where they operate, employees at our partners facilities earn significantly more than mandated minimum industry wages. We ensure valuable competitive benefits for those who work for our partners, such as 24- hour access to on-site medical clinics, free transportation to and from the workplace, subsidized meals, and access to financial assistance programs to those in need so that we can open up new opportunities for their children, Since the youth is the future. So far our efforts have had a positive impact on our employees, their families and their communities quality of life. We believe that setting these standards we can help blossom new opportunities of growth within their communities. By demanding that the manufacturers of our apparel provide their employers above average working conditions and wages to give their children the time to be children and enable  them to gain further education in other areas thus breaking this poverty cycle we can make a difference.

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