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Why Hemp was illegal in the US

 By Zach Kratzsch (The Stupid American)| June 30, 2019 | Why Hemp was Illegal in the US   Many people don't know Hemp was federally legal in the US until 1937 and up until the early 1900's it was widely used and respected for its versatility durability and rapid rate of growth. George Washington himself is quoted saying "Make the most of the Indian Hemp seed and sow it everywhere". Many of the founding fathers had vast hemp farms and the constitution itself was written on Hemp paper. it wasn't  until the early 1900's that Hemp started to become looked down upon by an onslaught of racist propaganda against mexican immigrants which associated crimes  committed by a select group of people with...

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The Science of Paying it Forward

I've grown up in a rough spot but was always intrigued by the idea of Paying it Forward ever since i heard the phrase in a movie i watched as a kid. If you  research examples in real life you'll find stories such as customers at food chains paying for the person behind them and starting a 226 person chain reaction of paying for those in line behind them. The basic idea behind Paying it forward and what studies have shown time and time again is that happiness and good deeds can cascade like a domino effect. Just by being nice to a random stranger you can potentially cause them to feel grateful and may go out of their way when they normally wouldn't have...

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The Stupid American's Best Memes and Posts on Instagram of 2016

The Top Memes And Videos That KickStarted TheStupidAmerican 's  Journey On Instagram  (You can also find this article on my Holonis page)   Where It All Started  I was actually probably one of the last of my friends to download instagram maybe thats why i orignally called myself The Stupid American and i started out making some pretty crappy content but its always been me. I make everything i watermark myself from editing the videos and making my first photoshop edits and memes that year. i edit and create all my own content and so when i repost others i am sure to give credit as i know what its like to feel discredited.  The first video i filmed that went...

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Natural Filtration : Bio Top Systems

(image courtesy of Natural Swimming Pools: Step by Step How to Build Guide 06-29-17 Beverly Woods   Above you can see a great example of a small bio top system. This manmade natural pool designed using nothing but an air pump to airate the water along with natural biological systems keep the pool  clean and safe to swim in while remaining a  perfect ph balance. Manmade natural pools and lagoons are the most referred to form of a BioTop. What many dont know is that you can use sunlight and biological processes to  replicate natural systems into a pool design that keeps the water source clean and balanced just as they would be in an ideal environment in nature. Natural pools can run with little to no maintenance and allow us to avoid harmful use of...

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