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Beecome You  T
Beecome You  T

Beecome You T

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In honor of one of Earths greatest creatures the honey bee and of those who want to become something positive for the world, i think the best person you can be is to  become yourself. This shirt is also made to honor the pollinators like bees due to the fact they are the third wheel that impregnates mother nature playing as a vital role in all life on land. Many people have no idea the role these transporters of pollen play in life itself and i made this shirt in honor of Bees.   Einstein once said if bees were to go extinct man would have no more than 4 years left on this earth. Not only do we farm our crops with chemicals and harmful pesticides that disrupt the ecosystem we go around spraying round up and lawn fertilizer all over almost every yard creating a death hazard for the bees, thus creating a death hazard for ourselves. Stop spraying your lawns with roundup and get this long sleeve shirt to support the bees!

Also started a documentary style segment on my youtube Channel called Nature For Idiots If interested in learning more about bees with an oddly entertaining approach go check out the link to my youtube page at the bottom of my site and and subscribe for more! Please share this design with your friends Thank you for helping make the world a brighter place!

This shirt is made with the future in mind, Hemp is one of the most durable and sustainable options for making apparel as it doesn't require chemicals to grow. Hemp also is the most eco friendly option because it only needs about half the water as cotton to grow and doesn't need any harmful chemicals to turn it into a fabric like bamboo does.  All of these amazing qualities along with hemps incredible durability makes it the most sustainable option for apparel. This Hemp and Cotton blend is grown without the use of any harmful pesticides which makes this shirt a hypoalergenic product great for those with sensitive skin. Hemp also creates incredibly durable fabric as long as you remember to follow the washing instructions provided this shirt is made to last a lifetime. If you are not completely satisfied the quality and feel of this shirt the moment you take it out of the package we will issue a full refund. If you appreciate the quality and positive impact of this shirt please share our website with your friends! to Learn more about the bright future of hemp products in our StupidBlog

This shirt provides 10% of proceeds to, a  charity that helps provide sanctuaries for bees across the nation by supporting local communal  gardens and adopt a hive situations and helping as well as providing knowledge to the local communities to both kids and adults about the importance of bees with our food and the ecosystem in genera. Learn more about how we give back in Our Mission



Also be sure to check out the video on my youtube channel with valuable information about the importance of bees with david flattenedarrow