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The Family Jewels

In a world full of flavors why not show off your favorite one! Wearing this shirt is the  alternative to vaping! This nicotine and tobacco free line of flavorful T shirts allows you to become the most sought after addition to any party without the the health risks of actually vaping. Available in all your favorite flavors pick out one that tastes best to you for less than a pack of pods or pick them all! Start preserving your health and money today with the best pod purchase you could ever make!

Our Premium quality sublimation T's are made from Made from recycled PET bottles (*)
Especially design for sublimation printing

(*) Each T-shirt is made on average from 7 used plastic bottles!

*we do not advise the use of nicotine or any tobacco products as such products can negatively impact your health. These shirts have no association with Juul™

Environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing
100% Recycled Top Quality Polyester sublimation.