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My Story

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                 My Idea                 

If You Dream it I Dream it. 

Heres an idea:

To Dream is to Create, Dreams are for those ready to wake up and turn their dreams into reality.

 I've taken the best Ideas and dreams I've come across in my life and infused them into the products and apparel in front of you. Thus turning dreams into reality; What I consider the art of Dreaming. The items in our Duhmerican Apparel  Section reflect our Dreams of a succesful future for all. Not just success in money, and not even for our own success, we created these items to push the success of human kind as a whole into the next level of society. We Capture the essence of the struggle when dreaming up our products and then infuse them together.

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My Story

 Hi My Name is Zach Kratzsch otherwise known as The Stupid American. Most of my friends just call me Z or By my last name. I enjoy making videos meant to question society's standards and challenging stupidity by spreading positive ideas in hopes of creating a brighter future for us all. However i wasnt always as involved with social media as you may think. When facebook first came out  i was actually one of the people who tried not to get too caught up in the latest trends, plus i didnt have my own access to the internet until i got a job and could pay for my own data service plan with a "smart" phone.  
Growing up i didnt have much, there was even a time i lived out of a car with my mom as a kid. I love My parents for what I’ve learned from them as i know they both meant well but their relationship was not healthy so it probably was best for them to seperate.
 I have been exposed to drug abusers all throughout my child hood.  I‘ve even witnessed some family members and close friends struggle with addiction and have seen way too many people both young and old pass away due to abuse. Somehow amidst all the negativity i have been able to forge my mindset into a way of positive thinking which i feel is the only thing that kept me from succumbing to the negativity and inevitably  becoming an addict myself. 
Although i do smoke weed, things i have seen have made me resent prescription pills and heavy drugs due to the drastic negative impact ive seen them make on so many peoples lives including my own. I wasnt always in a positive mindset in fact i kind of was kind of hoping the world would end at one point.  The shift i have made in my mind has changed my perspective on not only my past but every situation i face  now, and in the future. I tend to look for solutions instead of just dwelling on problems. I am working on creating my best self and upon encountering this new goal i have learned empathy for anyone with a similar less fortunate situation and drive. I feel blessed to have learned how to shift my mindset where it is and i feel it is an obligation to help those who are high enough in desire to learn how to begin forging their mindset as i have  began too so we can all flourish in a state of constant improvement. 
It wasnt until after school  that I saw the potential social media gave to the individual, someone who before could be a stranger to even people in their own town can now spread their voice and ideas to the entire world with just a few clicks. Some people see these platforms as a disease but i see them as cure. Sure a lot of what gets spread around the internet is negative but there is also a lot of positive out there, just take the hundreds of hours of cat videos for instance.  Just the simple fact these platforms exist gives the potential for positivity to spread and that is what i have set out to do.
My idea is to brighten the darkness out there which is why i've found connection with the light bulb as my symbol. I once read that  If you can change someones mind you will change their world, so i figure if i can change enough peoples minds i could change the world.  This seemingly unobtainable goal is exactly what I've set out to do, i want to change the world. No i am not talking about brainwash here actually the exact opposite, i want to teach everyone how to teach themselves. I want people to learn how to obliterate the negativity in their own minds so that we can begin moving towards creating more positive enviroment both within our minds and outside our bodies. I want to be part in  becoming, or at least inspiring the next wave of free thinkers who can fix the corrupted  mind sets that this society all to often portrays and praises and has created the disastrous situations we face. With a bit of help from mentors and a lot of man hours the tides are just beginning to shift and the rest is history from here out. I am after the power of spreading knowledge and positivity, trying to make sense out of a world so focused on dollars.

My Strategy

I realized that I needed more resources if I was to actually make difference and that is why I created this site to help build a brighter future for all. Since i intend on making a Positive impact on the world and not a negative one it is important to me we are conscious of where our products come from, who makes them, and how they are made. I also feel it is a necessary obligation for those with more to share with those in need which is why,

  • Every $50 in sales in our site provides up to 10 meals to those in need via  Feeding
  • We ensure everyone in the process is treated fairly and we only  print on 100% Sweat Shop Free Cotton visit our blog to learn more.
  • We use eco friendly inks and practices with shirts made 100% in the USA and recycle the waste water using biotops which use organic bacteria to break down our naturally based inks before returning it to the water supply, visit our blog to learn more about bio-top systems
  • Sublimation style shirts are made with an average of 7 recycled PET plastic. 
  • I Believe in future technologies and that is why i support cryptocurrencies for payment. I believe blockchain is a long awaited update that is needed for our infrastructure to catch up with the technological advances of the  21st century which is why my site accepts payments via Coinbase commerce where you can pay with Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash.

  • Every order of $50 or more qualifies for Free Worldwide Shipping 

    Check out my stupidblog to find out more details about some of our modern practices 


    My Dream 

    If you've made it this far you may still be wondering if i am crazy or just really passionate about a better future, I’ll honestly admit i may sound a little of both but i truly believe that i can help make the world a brighter place, not without your help of course. I believe all stores should make it mandatory to give back a percent of their sales to those who need it most and should spread positive ideas while using safe practices when developing their products. I believe all aspects of a good brand should revolve around sustainability in order to preserve this amazing Earth we live on.  To me, It's a no brainer, i guess ideas like that is why they call me The Stupid American.  I will be adding new items every week so be sure to check in every now and then and subscribe to monthly newsletter to build up points and gain access to exclusive discounts and special offers! 
     To our customers satisfaction tax is already included in all the prices of our items so the price you see is the price you get. 
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    Remember we are here to make your dreams into reality, if you have a dream for a shirt or an item that you want to make,
     email us or fill out our contact form with your ideas and we will  help make them a reality. 
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    Thank you for Dreaming with me!