The Grey Area Premium Sublimation T-Shirt - Creating A Brighter Place
The Grey Area Premium Sublimation T-Shirt

The Grey Area Premium Sublimation T-Shirt

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If you ever have had the feeling of being trapped in the neutral zone, the  Place where nothing seems to get done, assignments are always past due, the alarm is always buzzing, you cant get the dog poop off your shoe from earlier know matter how many times you stride through the wet grass so you try to use a stick but it breaks and flings crap in your eye, procrastination takes ahold while the clock is always running and you cant get ahead of it. This place is Otherwise known as the Grey Area. This shirt is about breaking out of your "grey area" and moving on to the next level in life, for the time to start turning problems into solutions and stop stressing because you know you are more than just a dull grey patch.  Get on your next level and move out of your Grey Area with this cotton feel recycled shirt made out of recycled PET bottles to not only create a brighter future for yourself but for everyone around the world!

Recycled Polyester Sublimation T-Shirt

Made from recycled PET bottles (*)
Especially design for sublimation printing
Environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing
100% Recycled Polyester
Jersey 5.0 oz/ 170g

(*) Each T-shirt is made on average from 7 used plastic bottles.

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